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Located in the heart of Tech Valley - Albany , New York

We focus on delivering high value, effective information technology solutions to our customers. With expertise in network management, data center consolidation, server virtualization, disaster recovery planning, wireless technologies, information security, capacity planning and audio/video technologies, RAMe Communications is committed to meeting our clients' diverse requirements.

Concerned about implementing a wireless network? Let us help you decide what solution is right for your organization. We are constantly reviewing products and technologies for both LAN and WAN applications.

Are your WAN connections meeting your bandwidth needs? Our bandwidth management solutions can potentially save on the cost of those lines and provide higher utilization. Instead of adding expensive WAN links to a perceived lack of bandwidth/throughput, we can show you how to get the full use of the connections you already have.

How would you recover from a fire or other disaster? We specialize in disaster recovery preparedness and planning. By assessing your business continuity needs, we can provide a solution that protects your organization, limits the loss of revenue and productivity caused by a disaster, and still meets your financial constraints. We recently completed a large scale disaster recovery project for a New Jersey County using VMware technology. Learn more about the project here

Our hands-on, process-oriented approach delivers successful solutions to optimize, protect and control your network. We have demonstrated success in providing:

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