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Innovative software that visually tracks and manages human activities in enterprise servers and workstations

ObserveIT specializes in developing innovative software that audits how people interact with computer systems. It focuses on answering what happened, who did it and where else this event occurred. ObserveIT provides a new approach that isolates problems related to human error, fixes them, checks if they exist elsewhere in the system and prevents them from reoccurring.


Computer logs are inadequate for auditing human errors because in modern computer systems a human interacts with the intermediary layer of a Graphical User Interface (GUI). An administrator can click one option in the GUI and cause 20 different settings to change. A log system at best will capture those 20 different changes, but still leaves the administrator with the impossible task of finding, understanding and piecing them together.

By contrast, ObserveIT captures and provides a visual presentation of this one GUI change. In addition, ObserveIT incorporates capabilities far beyond the scope of loggers. It discovers if such changes have been implemented elsewhere and provides a mechanism for alerting operators against repeating a specific change.

ObserveIT also has a wider scope. It enables a company to capture the skills of its experts, maintain it in a central repository, and allow others to share it. In this way, expertise stays even if people leave, enabling acquired knowledge to become a growing asset.