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Wireless Disaster Recovery Firewall Data Center Consolidation Vulnerability Assessment Audio/Video

Checkpoint Firewall Implementation

An affordable, highly available, fault-tolerant Nokia solution

Client Profile This New York State agency is headquartered in Albany, has a regional office in NYC, and operates 13 service offices throughout the state.

After review of the client's existing firewall plan and analysis of their infrastructure, RAMe Communications provided a recommendation that compared the cost, functionality and dependability of the planned firewall implmentation with a less expensive, two server Active-Standby configuration that offered more robust functionality, security and dependability.

In addition to planning, testing and installing the firewall solution, we were retained for six months to provide ongoing system support for update patches and upgrades, and to train IT staff on firewall management and functionality. During that period the client moved to a new facility and we supported the firewall migration to the new data center.