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Integrating presentation technologies

Conference rooms increasingly have overhead projectors used with a variety of audio and video sources: computers, DVD players, video cassette players, video conferencing devices, document cameras, audio amplifiers and microphones.

Freedom from the lectern. Wireless microphones, keyboards and mice allow presenters to move and sit or stand where they are most comfortable.

One remote control for multiple devices. A programmable remote control replaces all the others and increases accessibility to those functions that the presenters really need.

Training and instructions. With a simplified configuration, most presenters require little training and clear, step-by-step instructions on-site provide immediate success.

The result can be a confusion of remote controls and complicated instructions that become obstacles for those making presentations. Even worse, attempts to "fix" a perceived problem can result in a configuration disaster.

We can simplify and standardize the use of audio/video resources and increase their value by making them more accessible. And because they consistently work, presenters can spend their time making presentations instead of troubleshooting configurations.