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Bandwidth management

Putting you in control over how your network is used

When one of our clients (a large NYS agency) was experiencing poor performance on their WAN, we wrote a white paper to explain the issues related to WAN bandwidth utilization and why additional, expensive WAN links would not necessarily resolve the issue. A "sanitized" version of the report is available here (opens in new window):

Bandwidth Management White Paper

Network bandwidth is a limited, valuable resource, particularly for WAN links connecting your remote locations. Hundreds of network applications compete for access to this resource and most will use all the bandwidth available while sending or receiving data. This can result in spikes of high utilization during periods of low or even no utilization.

Our bandwidth management implementations put you in control of your network usage. By prioritizing the types of network traffic, time-sensitive applications like VoIP get bandwidth when they need it, while less critical traffic like FTP or peer-to-peer applications get bandwidth when it's available.