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Disaster Recovery

Backups are not enough

Information technology is essential to business continuity: payroll, human resources, purchasing, accounts receivable and payable, and e-mail are just some of the systems required for your organization to meet its business goals. When one or more of these critical systems is unavailable, your business loses revenue and valuable human resources are idle.

Backups Routine backup procedures are essential for disaster recovery, but are often give a false sense of security. Many organizations never test restoring from the backup media, only to find that critical data is either missing or unusable when they really need it. The physical media is often stored in the same location as the systems being backed up. If a fire or other disaster destroys the server room, the backup media is destroyed as well.

How long will it take to bring your information resources back on-line after disaster strikes? How will you do it? Do you have a plan and has it been tested?

The time to answer these questions is not in the chaos of a disastrous event. We specialize in disaster recovery preparedness and planning. Our comprehensive approach includes: