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Defense in depth

Protecting your IT infrastructure, your data, and your financial transactions from unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure requires multiple layers and types of security measures.

At risk The threats to information security are constantly increasing. New computer viruses and software vulnerabilities are discovered weekly. To control your business risk, security measures must be an ongoing, dynamic process. We can provide solutions for

  • intrusion prevention/detection
  • antivirus
  • patch management
  • perimeter defense
  • wireless
  • vulnerability scanning
  • log analysis
  • auditing

In today's eBusiness world, your organization must enable secure and trusted communications among distributed staff, suppliers, vendors, partners and clients. This means moving information through a global communication infrastructure that may include LANs, WANs, Extranets, campus networks, data centers, as well as traditional and IP telephony services.

Your security must ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information while maintaining high levels of performance and system availability.

Robust network design, well-defined network services, and sound policies for managing security require attention to critical factors.