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Wireless networking

Wireless technologies are ready for your organization; are you ready for wireless?

The freedom and functionality provided by wireless technologies are valuable resources. But there are inherent security risks to implementing wireless networks that are mitigated by appropriate planning and configuration.

IR, RF, Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMAX, xMax, ZigBee, x10, 802.11 The list of terms related to wireless devices and technologies continues to grow. We can help you make sense of how they are used and what ones are right for your organization.

Read our whitepaper on securing 802.11 based wireless networks:

Un-tethering the Workforce
Secure wireless connectivity for the Enterprise

You can also see the presentation we use for our seminar:

Un-tethering the Workforce
Secure WLAN Configuration

Unfortunately, many organizations are experiencing unplanned wireless implementations when employees connect consumer wireless access points to the internal network or use a wireless device at home. We can help you provide secure wireless services so that these ad hoc measures don't compromise your network.

While most of the focus of wireless technology has been on providing end user access to the network, we can also help you provide connectivity to remote sites using a wireless link instead of a leased line. Point to point wireless bridges can connect locations miles away when a line of sight is available. Not only do these links provide higher bandwidth than a T1 or DSL connection, they have a relatively fixed cost with no monthly usage fees.